Collection No. 5 - OASIS

A sensory voyage informed by the colorful frenzy of Marrakech markets and the pristine seascapes, dreamy country homes, and elegant women captured through the photographs of Slim Aarons.

Oasis is both a distillation and a refinement of Bagasao house strengths: constructin


g understandable shapes and making them special with very fine details. An unforgiving but ultimately sentimental approach to creation. “I realize I have been trying to capture a lot of emotion, especially feelings of warmth and freedom,” notes Bagasao. If this is a collection borne of a desire to escape and remember sunnier landscapes, then it also goes the other way. Whoever looks at it is immediately transported. It harks back to a freer time. It softens, urging us to keep hoping and to keep looking forward. A reminder that there is no fuel more potent than dreams.

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Textiles, Womenswear, Outerwear, Embellishment