STOCKHOLM Fashion Week ss23: 2-in-1 Hybrid Designs

A neoteric wardrobe concept of transformable hybrid garments: 2-in-1 designs, reflected in inverted positions; distorted to fit the body.

An interactive experience between the wearer and the garment, that subsequently evokes a sense of surprised recognition; when a seemingly simple shirt hides anoth


er version of itself in allegory. Then converted to pants with the flip of a sleeve, what was once just a shirt, now worn as pants, suddenly has the ability to shatter our preconceptions and augment the reality of what a shirt can and may be.

This is a story of how we view ourselves. Each piece of clothing mirroring its adaptation, though unchanged at its core. Two tales intertwined as one. Reconstructing our previous perspectives and turning everything we thought we knew upside-down and inside-out; evolving beyond what we once were and ever imagined we could be.

The concept revises and diversifies the wardrobe, and aims to maximize wearable potential. In part, suggesting a sustainable solution to overconsumption, by intensifying the bond the wearer fosters with their vesture, through their ability to redesign the garments. Favouring quality and connection over quantity and consumption. Bringing utility and forethought to fashion.

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