The title of this work originates from the muse created to give the thought of equal value in discarded material a persona. This crazy-cat-lady-like muse that compulsively hoards and stacks every possible item in her house and values her low-status-material single-use-waste-collection equally to her


high-status-material jewelry box.

This understanding that every material has some sort of value that one can enhance and add to through re-contextualization, repeats or manipulation is key within this work. This collection will therefore present you with design-examples generated by an upcycling-design-tool, the method-cards a game that generate thing+thing=hybrid, where materials such as waste garments or non textile-objects are re-contextualized together into new wearable hybrids. This tool can therefore be used as a tool for ’material-harvest’ in one’s own studio or surrounding secondhand sorting facilities, this to propose a substitute for virgin produced goods in fashion design.

These resulting hybrids are proposing a suggestion on how sustainable material sourcing in our post-consumer-waste-streams can generate new expressions in dress. All individual examples combined together in a five-looks-collection. Every example is responsible for adding value by upcycling and re-designing discarded post-consumer material and items and therefore reducing the need for virgin produced goods in fashion design.

The hybrids generated will also aim to lift a serious cause with a touch of humor and therefore make the subject of overconsumption more reachable.

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Textiles, Womenswear, Ethical Fashion Initiative, Costume Design & Artistic Representations, Eveningwear & Bridal, Women's, Streetwear, Vintage, Upcycling, Inclusive Design, Sustainable, Re-make


Upcycling, Sustainable, Re-make, Non-textile materials


Waste, Post-consumer materials