A combination of self-knowledge and acceptance, “Phreno” collection declares the guiltiness of the human existence within the bounds of disturbance and tries to corrupt the already corrupted "ego". Through the reflection of conscious and unconscious, reflects a distorted combination of irrational for


ces. A brain battle that confronts all those psychosomatic effects coming up against a blank wall with a lot of intellectual disabilities leading up to hysteria, paranoia, bipolarity and reality. Scratching the structure of the spirit world, “id” in other words needs, “ego” in other words affected logic and “superego” in other words moral conscience, transforms inhibitions, justifies idiosyncrasy and excretes explosions and peculiarities. Somatoform disorders trying hard to escape but they cannot and the only thing that remains is the hope for balance. The collection, studies about individuality, goes deeper to the power of mind and comes down to the pursuit of the redemption of our complicated existence.

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