This collection is a reflection on my previous work in university since graduating in 2020 during Covid19’s lockdown in. Having graduated from London during a challenging time, I had to come back to my home country facing vague and unpredictable future. And I realized in order to cope with the challe


nges of an interrupted final collection and relocating to my home country with minimal fashion scene, I have to make another collection looking back at my previous work and my inspiration at the time and then. In order to understand my visual and design identity more in depth.
My design identity comes from my experience of being an Iranian woman, finding little means of freedom through subverting and disrupting social and theological oppressions in Iran. This often translates in my work by displacing garments’ parts and implementing uneven distorted lines and cuts in sartorial garments while having bold and fun elements showing the excitement of practicing one’s agency and freedom.
This collection was made during lockdown in Iran with limited facilities using all remnant, deadstock and leftovers fabric from previous collections.

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Womenswear, Pattern cutting