When I was little, I remember very well my mother not letting me go to school with the clothes I wanted because they were not adapted to the weather.

It made me super angry.

About two years ago, I went to the south of France and some familiar landscapes had become ravaged by fires.

This seasonle


ss collection explores the ambiguity of attraction and fear that we can experiment facing natural catastrophes, as well as the duality between the outside and the inside world in terms of temperatures.

Through this collection, my drivers and goals are to diversify environmental awareness, rethink needs as well as the answers provided, and optimize an industry and know-how by making the most of scrap materials, whose infinite source offers so many new stories to be told.

La Boum includes temperature-adaptable pieces, with consciously sourced materials, inspired by elegant French Maisons such as Courrèges and Montana, merged with knitwear undergarment and outerwear references.

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sewing, recycling, gathering, repurposing


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