foll[i]land is the studio’s first collection launched at the Beirut Design 2018. The Foll[i] is the anchor item of the collection best described as furniture for nature.

Following a research in the shrinking green spaces and the controlled access to the few available parks in Beirut,


the designers created foll[i], a small vertical garden to recreate the joy of nature within our individual spaces.

The collection - inspired by urban artefacts, celebrates the use of different metals and marbles for a variety of uses and suggested functions- is an exploration of behavioral patterns in various scales with works that defeat gravity and challenge equilibrium.

The products feature unique stories, symbols, and references to traditional objects, expressed in a minimalistic sense.

BORGI BASTORMAGI was founded in 2017 when Nada and Etienne were invited to participate in Milan’s Fuori Salone with their [me]rror project, an installation designed to reflect fragmented body parts.

Both Nada and Etienne live and work in Beirut, drawing inspiration from their surroundings and daily lives. Fusing tradition with modernity, their designs are influenced by everyone’s attempt to find moments of balance and harmony amidst the chaos of the city.

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Wood, brass, steel, marble

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