There are classrooms everywhere, always the same ones. At the École Nationale Supérieure d'Archi- tecture in Versailles alone, there are more than 40 classrooms occupied at 20% of their capacity.
The nave is a unique void. It is the setting for exceptional activities, on its scale.
The space is trimm


ed of everything that clutters it.
Neutral and continuous lighting is placed on the mirror-plated tie rods facing the vaults. A fixed baseboard in galvanized steel hugs the void.
The Nave becomes the largest display surface of the school with 119m linear and 3.7m high. This 60m long, 8m wide and 8m high void is kept free.
It opens towards its symmetrical exterior, at an infinite height.
Objects are to the measure of this double space and allow to use it in its dimensions.
An oak table follows the rhythm of the woodwork.
Six horses, projectors moving between inside and outside create spaces by the halo they project on the floor. They can be adjusted to three heights, taking up the order that commands the Nave and can be oriented in all directions. They are relays to be connected to a specific point.
A belvedere, a stacker allowing to contemplate the whole and to handle large volumes.
Five rooms are at the service of this space.
A checkroom.
Two accessible toilets.
A preparation triptych: rehearsal, storage, checkroom, kitchen, meeting... has its own access: an artists' entrance.
Two signals are posted in front of the main accesses. Turning thanks to the wind, they are the beginning and the end of an open perspective between the school and the outside, the rest of the Palace of Versailles.

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Steel grid, Rubber soil Aluminium tripods Oak table

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