The Museum of the Third Millenium

The museum tour takes shape in a spiral. From the central courtyard, visitors gradually rise to the top. The artworks, too, transported from the vehicles to the ground floor are then uplifted in the rooms, placed on their mobile structures. As in transit, their fre


e movement through the rooms echoes their travels around the globe, the globalized cultural exchanges of which they are witnesses. A thousand miles from an accumulating museum, which would only receive contemporary works late, the Third Millennium Museum is less a place of confinement, than a place of longer or shorter transition of artworks. A disconnection is thus created between the museum and its function of accumulating art pieces, which were to be attached to it ad vitam. By taking the airport as a model, it is defined as a non-place: through the transition it establishes, its spatiality is erased. On screens, signage indicates where the works are, live, like terminals to go to. The viewer moves in search of the one he is looking for, or chooses to be surprised during his journey.

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Black Smoked Glass, White Steel, Tarmac