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Ruby GG228 is about shaping my origins in a contemporary fashion context. My point of departure has been my references for clothing from the fishing culture in Gothenburg's northern archipelago and the move to an urban city.

Öckerö, where I was born and raised, is a place that is warm to my heart. T


here is a professional fishing culture that everyone is part of, more or less. I have realized that in previous projects I have subconsciously referred to my heritage in garment types, color choices and cuts. At the same time, I have created new references for clothes by moving to Stockholm, a much more urban environment.

For my future I felt it was important to explore my heritage from Öckerö, combined with what I have created myself to this day. I wanted to see what form it would take in a dissertation and give a central role to what has previously been fragments in my work. What have I brought with me through my move from my home town and what have I created? The goal was to work with a collection inspired by the fishing culture I grew up with and adapt it to my current context, where the historical references play an important secondary role, while the primary ones are my own created references about clothes.

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Prints, Textiles, Womenswear, Pattern cutting, Vintage, Accessory


Weaving, Vintage, Pattern cutting, Re-make, Digitalprinting, Leather hand-craft, Hand-dyeing, Hand-sewing


Leather, Seashells, Sand-washed silk, Hand-woven rya, Old accessories, Old fishing goods, Seacharts, Fishing nets, Crepe viscose, fishing gear, Old bags, Old shoes


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