started from the theme 'what you wouldn't do in your life.' I'm usually terrified by their appearances because they are apparently different from majorities. However, I wanted to understand their motivation and aesthetics, so I chose it.
During the research, I realized


that I misunderstood the coverage of the inclusion of the term 'body modification.' Body modification includes every surgery related to physical changes such as double-eyelids surgery or nose surgery and even ear-piercing. I wear 3 earrings, so I'm also one of them.
Even though they look different with others, their minds are not different. Some of them might have started extreme body modifications as protection or armor for protection themselves, but majorities just love it with no necessary relationship with bad memories. Thus, I decided to extract only the features of body modification. Ripping off, Reconnecting, different shapes. Those features brought me to the concept of making baseball. Baseball is consists of two same pieces of leather. However, even if they have the same shape, the meeting points of the two pieces are different, and that makes 3d shapes.
Through the understanding of constructing a baseball, I was able to understand how to make 3 shapes with different curves. I came up with the bold voluminous outerwear design which was inspired by the shape of the face with various body modifications.

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3D shaping with pattern making


Technical twill