Impermanence, a tryptic of decreasing out-of-focus images, and Enlightenment, a single image of a luminous sphere and its reflection, stand metaphorically for different states of our inner reality: the turbulent state of consciousness of the ordinary person, which can be steadied through the practice


of meditation, juxtaposed against the veteran meditator’s enlightened mind who experiences inner calm and unity with the cosmos.

These images aim at instantiating a contemplative state in the viewer about spiritual matters. They also wish to bring attention to the spiritual discourse in contemporary photographic practices. They are the result of an agnostic’s investigations about the relationship between creativity and spirituality, the nature of consciousness, meditative practices, and the neurology of the left and right hemispheres.

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Abstract & Fine Art, Photography


Digital Photography


Aluminium, Glicee, Inkjet


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Photoshop, Final Cut Pro