BA3 Womenswear Collection

The backround story for my BA collection was constructed around ideas influenced by the 1930’s. The womenswear of the era fascinated me; the beautifully constructed gowns and of course all the ruffles, ruffles everywhere. However, the 30’s were heavily shaped by the great depression and numerous peop


le were living in poverty, basically wearing
whatever clothes they could find, fitting of not. These differences between the classes of the 1930’s and their diverse fashion eventually became the main theme behind my collection.

I drew a lot of inspiration from the lower class farmers and fishermen, their aprons, wrap skirts, hats, raincoats and whatever else. I mixed these elements with some interesting details and shapes from the high class ladieswear and created my own language with my designs. The final collection is composed of six full outfits.

All the materials used in my collection are recycled, which was very important to me. I used a lot of leftover fabric from the Finnish furniture industry, and these hard materials added their own fun touch to the shapes of my clothes. The materials vary from plastic, leather and wool felt. The undershirts are constructed of pieces of cutting waste jersey and crochet panels.

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Plastic, Leather, Wool, Recycled