Patchouli Studio Drop 02, "Seeking beauty"

Seeking Beauty through experimentation: this is Patchouli Studio Fall Winter 2022.
Its ideal man has no gender, beyond male and female. In his profile, there is something in which
everyone can recognise a detail of himself. Looking his silhouette is like looking in a mirror and
take some little tim


e to appreciate what we love about ourselves. In that short lapse of time, when
we know and accept who we are, we can see a way to find true beauty.
Knitwear becomes a trick. Its basics, from straight to twisted point, or the more complex jacquard
and chevron, are the map of its creator’s path throughout this collection. Following Andrea Zanola’s steps, we find the processes that create the illusion of flamed fabrics and inlay of points of light
among wools whose hand is impalpable.
Different and in dialogue, tops can be divided in two families. One develops the concept of window and reticular circuits: it refers to our childhood memories, to our grandmother crochet hooks, those we used to transform into cloaks to become invisible or into invincible armours or again
in precious ornaments. In the other we find a neat reference of style, made of classic and vaguely
oversized fit underlined by regular and geometric collars – deep V and Renaissance rectangular
necks. Centre and keystone of the collection, the heart that stands out on the maxi shirt like a
knightly sign of a suit that is an ultra-soft embrace.
The main colour palette is dusty and shadowy. The accents are warm reds that fade into brown,
and cold violets softened into blue waves.
Each piece is both perfect alone and styled, as the approach of the brand to clothing always encourage to reveal one’s personal nature in a way to chase beauty.
Faithful to its principles, for its fall winter 2022, Patchouli Studio used ethical fabrics, recycled
from certified and stocks. All garments are handmade, sum of tradition and contemporary design.

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January 2022


Knitwear, Womenswear, Menswear, Ethical Fashion Initiative


hand made