The intuitive approach to deconstruction, re¬construction, and reference results in an aesthetic that may at first seem inconsistent. But a sense of tension is what unites and defines Ottolinger. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection revisits several of the details that the label has become known for: ho


les burned in clothes with a blowtorch, cut and knotted fabric, dramatically frayed fabrics, and disparate elements that are stitched and styled together. In some cases, recognizable Ottolinger pieces appear significantly transformed.
The Spring/Summer 2018 collection also incorporates a num¬ber of traditional Swiss fabrics, details, and accessories in a playful reference to Ottolinger’s Swiss background. For example, Goldvreneli fake coins, a customary trinket and token of good fortune, appear on various pieces, redesigned to read the name Ottolinger and the season. The collection also features bathing suits as well as a line of handbags modeled after handmade ceramics.

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October 1, 2017


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