Doll is a table lamp made of Solstiss lace, lacemakers from Calais Caudry. Self-produced in collaboration with Adeline Sapin, artistic director of Solstiss, Doll highlights French know-how. Ivory lace with a small rustic cotton pattern forms the exterior of the lampshade. The interior is covered with


a lace with metallic polyester, the shine of this lace being used as a reflector of light. The shape is a cut sheet that turns over to constitute the base, extends into a lampshade with curved and voluminous volutes, recalling the dress style of the time of the birth of the Leavers looms, hats, capes, collars. Lightweight, storable flat, Doll incorporates a custom-made assembly of LEDs sewn directly onto the lace cover.

An edition of the Doll lamp was purchased by Mobilier National in June 2021 during their acquisition campaign, it is now available in a limited edition of eight on Invisible Collection.

Photo 1 Christel Sasso, photo 2&3 Rodrigo Rize pour Invisible Collection dans la Réserve de Féau Boiseries, janvier 2023

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