Métriques collection

The "Métriques" cement tile collection created in collaboration with La Cimenterie de la Tour includes four pattern designs available in six to seven colour palettes.
Geometric figures, circles, half circles, squares or rectangles come together in minimalist compositions in the 20 x 20 cm format tile


. Multiplied in space, they compose the refined alphabet of a Mediterranean story that is both intimate and universal. Pop delights, « nudes » tones, earthy ochres, Dolce Vita blues or cabriolet greys, each colour is dyed in the mass thanks to the technique of moulding coloured cements with dividers. Ever since its creation in 1932 in Rabat, Morocco, La Cimenterie de la Tour has manufactured each tile by hand, masterfully reproducing the precise gestures of this artisanal know-how, ensured authentic quality and future proof.

Pictures by Thomas Heydon

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