ALÏA Project Proposal

Project Outline:

Bag inspired by Alïa’s signature Corset Belt


Working within the design codes of the house, the objective of this proposal is to elevate and solidify elements surrounding the handbags category in a manner that is synonymous to Alïa’s clothing.

Keeping the use of laser


cutting technique that is associated with Alïa bags, proposal to incorporate the ‘A’ for Alïa as a repetitive pattern and aspects of the this a within the design of the product, such as an upside down ‘A’ 
shaped cut within the handle, subtly positioning the brand within the eyes of the consumer.

Studying the signature shape of Alïa’s Corset Belt from the archives; incorporating this shape consisting of an oval bottom and rounded top, the proposal contains three signature bucket bags with variations of
this oval-rounded combination and laser cutting.

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Prints, Bags, Leather goods, Fashion artefacts & show pieces, Embellishment, Women's, Laser Cutting

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