The master collection “From the memory of longing for femininity” is built upon the contrast between a young girl’s perspective on femininity and clothing contra my own view upon femininity today.

My research is based upon a user study, which I did with a six-year-old girl who not yet has been touch


by our society norms. I put the young girl’s naïve and playful eye in contrast to my understanding of femininity today.

My silhouettes, forms and design elements such as drape, smocking and draw string are inspired by my user study and some reference talks more to the grown-up feminine side such as the lingerie straps. My hand-woven piece is based upon the draw string idea and its naïve idea of getting dressed or how to make something fit the body.

Through my collection I wish to showcase narratives of femininity from many different perspectives. My collection is made for women and others who wish to tribute and cherish their longing for femininity.

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Textiles, Womenswear


pattern construction, drape, digital weave, hand weave


Denim, cotton, wool, hemp