The collection and most of my work is rooted in queer culture, and celebrates femininity as a empowering value beyond gender norms. My style is unapologetically flamboyant.

The project title ”MANIFESTO Greatest Hits” is motivated by my wish to stay true to my previous work and celebrate my own legac


y through my years of education.
The project is a tribute to the struggles of being a minority, as well as a celebration of fashion as a communicative medium.
The project is based on a written manifesto on my views on aesthetics, ethics, sustainability and activism.

The project is a humorous walk through my previous projects and themes. Themes which break with gender norms, challenges the patriarchy as well as making fun of rich culture.
All in a strange world of odd shoulders, big collars, safety pins and slogan t-shirts.
With references to fashion history, classic pieces of clothing such as tuxedo shirts and dollar bills.

My process with creating my graduation collection was difficult as covid made everything difficult.
So not to make it harder than necessary I chose to investigate my own previous work, not only as an exercise in digging deeper into already explored themes and topics but also so I didn’t have to go into unexplored grounds as the lack of workshop privileges made it extremely hard to create new material.
So I saw working this way as a way to still be able to make work of a high communicational quality.

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