Box "Gradiant" orange

The boxes "Gradiants" oranges express themselves in different ways and in different places of the habitat. Receptacles, welcoming in them the objects that are dear to us, they also become, with their electronic chip integrated, “smart objects” interconnected with our smartphones, thus reinforcing the


emotional connection that can sometimes incarnate some of our possessions.

Shaped by successive strata, pure and sophisticated forms multifaceted characterize them. Objects-sculptures, they then adorn themselves with nuanced colors, as if to signal their presence, subtly.

Materials : oak wood, dyeing, varnish
Finishes : satin
Dimensions : 22,5 x 13 x 4,5 cm

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Storage & Shelves, Interior Design & Decoration, Receptacles, Industrial design, Product design, Craftsmanship


Laser cut


Oak wood

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