My collection "Digital Desires" explores the untouchability of the digital age.Typically within the jewellery world a huge amount of value is still placed on materiality or precious materials. However, we also now place a lot of value in our digital data too. My pieces represent the dip between reali


ty and virtual reality.

Inspired by idea of a jewellery box, this sculpture suspends typical jewellery forms of the chain and pearl necklace within, like a fossilised form. The jewellery inside can be seen, desired and admired, but cannot be touched, suggesting as though it were a thing of the past as the digital renders the physicality of jewellery forms extinct in the future. The image reveals itself to be false like a hologram as you move around and view it to the side and the images disappear into faint lines.

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laser cutting, 3D CAD


clear Perspex



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