LFWM AW19.STATIC|MOTION:A Conversation Part II

“What’s important for me is that they can move in it… allowing people to feel more like themselves”, says Saul Nash ahead of his debut Autumn/Winter 2019 show. There’s a matter-of-factness to Nash’s outlook and work, one that can be traced through his time spent studying BA Performance D


esign at Central Saint Martins, and then pivoting into the prestigious MA Menswear course at the Royal College of Art.

Having grown up in North East London, Saul’s eye for c o d e s o f self-presentation has developed from a young age, spurred, in part, by an area that has undergone accelerated social changes. States of transition have underscored Nash’s upbringing starting with the friends and experiences of his formative years, until today. The hierarchies of taste established within that time uniquely take hold in Nash’s body of work, and find themselves celebrated in earnest.

STATIC|MOTION: A Conversation Part II is Nash’s AW19 presentation, a reprise and update of his 2018 graduate Royal College of Art collection. Nash’s work functions as a sharp view of performance, performativity and masculinities. Incorporating a democratic view of luxury which is loosely inflected by the remembered stylings of his adolescence, Nash responds to the latent sensitivity of the modern male. There’s an intuitiveness to Nash’s work, an immediacy that sees carefully considered garments fully realised as having the capacity to collapse and invert; negative spaces becoming positive. Nash’s work melds references from his lived experience — though ultimately Nash articulates the intangible feeling and qualities of a self-liberation that he finds through dance.

Under Nash’s eye, three-way stretch nylons and Kaihari denim are transfigured into buoyant forms, and knitted compression pieces give a dynamic natural contrast. Hand finished details shine through, with embroidery, intarsia ribbing, bonding, and mesh linings. Earthy taupes and organic yellows go hand-in-hand with dove blue and a diffuse white that lends a cool and elemental clarity. Nash debuts unique multifunctional hats and scarves which allow for multiple methods of wearing, rendered in nylon and denim.

This season also sees creative collaborations including the musician Lafawndah, consultant and stylist Ib Kamara, and a creative sponsorship courtesy of Salomon which all help to bring Nash’s self-choreographed installation to life. The final effect is an airy take on the contemporary wardrobe, cut for movement and personal freedom of expression.

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January 5, 2019


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