Garments_Color Explosion , pre collection s/s 2012

Color Explosion , concept to making of final two outfits.Project: To design a collection of 12 outfits,constructing 2 outfits from this selection of 12, to be showcased at the Work in Progress Show 2012, at the Royal College of Art, London. Concept: Color Explosion, drawing from absolutely stunning c


olor explosions of pure,vibrant color in a Sony Bravia advertisement.
Began with collecting ideas,objects,images, i liked,selected my recent experience with paragliding as the starting point in terms of its mood of freedom,flight,liberation,and pure bliss.Finally selected the color explosion images from the sony bravia advert while researching on freedom and purity,to create my own color explosion three-dimensional installations,as inspiration for design development and material research.I wanted my garments to capture explosive color and its movement and energy,which i experimented with various techniques and materials like resin,silicon,flock,glitter,etc..and then chose to achieve through soft,blissful, vibrant and energetic flock,covering foam knots and fluid,draped jersey..
Collaborations : Thomas & Vines Ltd - The UK's premier flock coating company(for flocked fabric,foam).
Contrado Imaging Ltd (for dye sublimation, transfer color-printing on fabric )
School of Design, Royal College of Art, London( working with Brian Davey,School of Design Technician,conducting
experiments with different types of hard,soft,transparent,translucent,colored silicon and resin, coated , brushed, dipped, poured on foam tubes and sheets,and fabric)

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