Apparat is an exploratoring project around the "grain of rice" pattern called "Kometsunagi" created by Hanashyo, and their Edo Kiriko cutting glass skills.
At Hanashyo's request, I designed a collection of patterns around their signature pattern. This new interpretation of the "Kometsunagi" gives a n


ew look to their traditional pattern. The goal is to purify the pattern to highlight the precise work of the cut glass, and so simplify the visual and tactile reading.
The series of 5 vases Gamma is presented as a chart / a palette of the Kometsunagi pattern. My intervention is voluntary minimal to show the delicacy of this work. The grains of rice appear subtly on the surface of the colored tube, revealing the different layers of the glass. Here, we present the first tests of our collaboration. These 5 ornamental vases are decorated with different arrangements. Each vase is linked to its neighbor by a common motif. They live individually, or in groups to compose a family. They are precious vases to collect, and to combine.
This project wishes to develop this ancestral know-how by innovating in the application and the drawing of the motif, the intervention of the color and in the effects of matter and texture. This new typology of objects opens new creative and commercial perspectives for Hanashyo by opening up to another public.

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