PANORAMA - pattern & holder

Marukyu Shouten is a traditional Japanese textile dye company, called « chusen » technique used to make « yukata » (summer kimono) and « tenugui » (hand towels). The collaboration with Marukyu Shoten, entitled Panorama, is composed of two projects that can live together or independently.
The first ob


ject, entitled Miru, is a holder that can be used to hang and display a tenugui textile. In brushed brass and with graphic and discreet lines, this holder sublimates the textile and highlights this printing technique. The support clamps the piece of textile. So it can be hung easily and without damaging all types of textile, and give them a high-end finish. Hanging in the wall hook, the set moves in relation to the movements of the environment, reminding us of the scenes of drying fabrics in the open air during the manufacturing process. Textiles dyed with the "chusen" technique find their true value by becoming a decorative wall piece to be admired.
These supports can be used in a home, in a restaurant or as a display in a store.
The second project, Echappées Bleues, is a collection of 4 patterns for the interior. They were

designed in close connection with the holder and with the architecture. The collection is presented as 4 paintings / 4 dreamlike windows that open onto an imaginary world. This series of patterns invites contemplation and dreams.
This collection is inspired by windows and "shoji", elements very present in Japanese architecture (which help the eye to focus on an element of the outside).
The Echapées bleues series is both an opening onto oneself and onto an imaginary and abstract exterior. The palette is mainly composed of blue, a meditative and emblematic color of Japan. In these patterns, the gradient and the fusion of colors are highlighted and gives all the uniqueness to these textiles. We can see that the chusen is a printing technique by dyeing. Each textile is unique and bears the hand of the craftsman who made it. The white is left in the background and on the lines. It allows to play with the transparency of the fabric and to show its weave.

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