Lucite Jewelry Collection

This collection of lucite jewelry is crafted from remnant lucite materials from the interior design and advertising industries. I collaborated with Indian contemporary artist Shuchi Mehta, a self-taught multimedia artist who uses laser cutting and found materials in her work. Most of the pieces are a


ssembled without any adhesive whatsoever, simply "snapping" into place, much like a lego toy. The collection also uses signature prints designed by me, layered between the layers of lucite, making each piece a frame or work of art in itself.

The collection came into being as I was looking to design some jewelry for people like myself - busy, on the go, design lovers who are not too much into jewelry, and who don't have the time to plan their outfit. I wanted to create something understated, architectural, and statement enough to elevate a simple outfit. The resulting collection appeals to lovers of both minimalist and art deco styles, and works for all genders and situations.

The idea for the collection came to me while living in Italy, was developed further in India, using materials from Japan, and assembled at my studio in New York. View the full collection at

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