How does a secret move, how does it feel? What gives it it's weight, it's movement? Why is it hard to let go of a secret? My graduating collection at FIT in Milan was an exploration of these ideas via 4 distinct fashion groups - daywear, cocktail, lounge, and evening.

- The daywear category explored


silhouettes with an awkward sense of movement to them, as though the wearer was withholding secrets.

- The cocktail section paired controlled tailoring with severe pleats to present an idea of chaos. To play with the idea of secrecy, I created a print using a private entry from my diary - a romantic tryst gone wrong - printed it to silk, and then pleated it.

- In the lounge category of the collection, I collaborated with Italian contemporary artist Beatrice Marchi to use her wood collage works onto print form. The layered and personal nature of her collages made a great fit for this project.

- For the evening group, the woman lives a life of no secrets, she is a celebrity coming into the spotlight. There is a feeling of lightness, transparency and ease in movement.

All garments were designed, draped and sewn by me during my final (8th) semester at FIT in Milan. Pleats were created in collaboration with Tessilpiega, a pleating lab in Milan.

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