Hyundai Commission 2024

Image: Mire Lee, Black Sun, 2023. Exhibition view: New Museum, New York. Courtesy New Museum.
Photo: Dario Lasagni.


Mire Lee

Hyundai Commission

Mire Lee has been selected to be the next Hyundai Commission artist for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. Her new site-specific work will be open to the public from 8 October 2024 to 16 March 2025. Born in South Korea in 1988, Lee lives and works between Amsterdam and Seoul. Using industrial materials such as steel rods, cement, silicone, oil and clay, her work explores the animated nature of these materials as they pour, drip and bulge. Lee’s sculptures have a raw, organic appearance with elements suggestive of living organisms which are combined with machine parts. Motors or pumps channel oozing liquids through them with an unsettling effect. Lee is interested in the power of sculpture to affect both the viewer and the immediate surroundings and is unafraid to push artistic boundaries in spectacular ways.

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Scandinavian Design Awards 2024

Image: Atelier Oslo and KIMA Arkitektur, Norwegian Press House (Pressens hus), Oslo, Norway, 2022.
Photo: Einar Aslaksen


Press House by Atelier Oslo and KIMA Arkitektur

Architecture of the Year Award

The Norwegian Press House (Pressens hus) in Oslo, Norway, by Atelier Oslo and KIMA Arkitektur, has been named Architecture of the Year at the Scandinavian Design Awards 2024. The architetcure involves the transformation of two listed buildings dating from the 1880s in the historic centre of Oslo. The buildings have been transformed into a new centre for media and press activities, with rooms for conferences, studios, meetings and a café/restaurant. The jury saw this project as a refined and contemporary interpretation of the challenges we face today as we build society together, a perfect example of how best to deal with history without losing forward momentum.

Image: Ancelle d’Hermès, designed by Cecilie Manz Studio, Hermès Milan 2023. Photo ©: Hermès/Maxime Verret


Cecilie Manz

Designer of the Year Award

Danish designer Cecilie Manz has been named Designer of the Year 2024. She founded her own studio in Copenhagen in 1998. The jury felt that Cecilie Manz has proved time and again that she is a designer of modern classics. Her creations often appear simple and effortless, but conceal complex engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. Cecilie Manz's ability to make the complicated look simple is a testament to her deep understanding of design and production processes, enabling her to create versatile designs that stand the test of time.

Image: Acne Studios store, Paris, interior design by Halleroed.



Interior Designer of the Year Award

Halleroed, the Swedish design studio founded in 1998 by Christian and Ruxandra Halleröd, has been named Interior Designer of the Year 2024. The jury found Halleroed to be a symbol of daring and innovation in interior design and architecture, creating not only functional spaces, but destinations in their own right. Recent projects such as Saman Amel at Harrods in London and a new Acne Studios store in Paris are testament to their ability to transcend conventional norms and go beyond mere functionality, adapting interiors to evoke a sense of place. With a commitment to making interiors unique destinations, they continue to captivate and inspire, consolidating their influential position in design.

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2024 Frieze Los Angeles Impact Prize

Image: Gary Tyler, One of World’s Wonders: African Giant Swallowtail Butterfly, 2023. Quilting fabric, burlap, thread and batting, 51 1/2 x 71 1/2 in. Photo by Tim Johnson, courtesy of the artist and Library Street Collective


Gary Tyler

Frieze Los Angeles Impact Prize

After spending more than half his life in prison, Los Angeles-based artist Gary Tyler is the winner of the 2024 Frieze Los Angeles Impact Prize, presented this year in partnership with The Center for Art and Advocacy. During his time incarcerated, Tyler worked as a hospice carer and ran drama activities. He also learned traditional quilting techniques, about which he said "I had found my calling." At Frieze Los Angeles, Tyler will present a new body of textile work that expands on his series We Are the Willing, first shown at his 2023 solo exhibition at Library Street Collective in Detroit. Drawing on his own personal story and that of the people he met during his imprisonment, his work conveys the complexity of prison experiences while fostering narratives of collectivity.

About the Frieze Los Angeles Impact Prize

2024 Wi Di Mimba Wi Prize

Image: Setareh Shahbazi, from the series Spectral Days (#15), 2013. C-print, framed 85x60 cm.


Setareh Shahbazi

Wi Di Mimba Wi Prize

Setareh Shahbazi is the 2024 winner of the Wi Di Mimba Wi Prize, a commissioning grant established by AKB Stiftung and SAVVY Contemporary in 2021 for artists of colour based in Germany. Setareh Shahbazi was born in Tehran in 1978. She studied scenography and media arts in Germany and spent the next ten years living and working between Beirut, Tehran, Cairo and Berlin, where she has been based since 2013. Her work is inspired by the visual objects that surround her, from old family photographs to newspaper cuttings, which feed into her conceptual installations, multicoloured prints and digitally manipulated photomontages. Through her artistic practice, Shahbazi proposes reconstructed narratives based on her personal histories and the forgotten objects she encounters.

About the Wi Di Mimba Wi Prize