FRAME Awards

Image: IDIN Architects, Harudot Chonburi by Nana Coffee Roasters, Chon Buri, Thailand, 2023. Photo: DOF


Harudot Chonburi by IDIN Architects

Winner of the Month for January

A café inspired by Japanese culture in Chon Buri, Thailand, Harudot Chonburi by Nana Coffee Roasters, is January's FRAME Awards winner. Harudot Chonburi provides an unforgettable spatial experience by way of statement architecture and biophilic design. The all-timber space designed by IDIN Architects is anchored by a central baobab tree, which seemingly pushes through the curvaceous A-frame construction. Connection to nature is at the heart of the design concept – a semi-outdoor area to enjoy coffee and tea flows inward, where stretched ceilings continue a sense of openness and lightness.

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Korea Artist Prize 2023

Image: Byungjun Kwon, Dancing Ladders, 2022, ladder, motor, rail, dimensions variable. Sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Courtesy of the artist.


Byungjun Kwon

Korea Artist Prize

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Korea has announced sound artist Byungjun Kwon as the winner of the Korea Artist Prize 2023, which is presented jointly with the SBS Foundation. The jury praised Kwon’s work for its sense-stimulating approach to the post-humanism and its theatrical approach to questions of the meeting of humanity, science and technology. MMCA director Kim Sunghee, has said, "Byungjun Kwon has presented beautiful work that uses an immersive robot theater approach to raise questions about the limitless expansive potential of human communities and to present different currents amid the relentless forward flow of contemporary civilization."

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Jane Drew Prize 2024

Image: Atelier Iwona Buczkowska, "Pièce pointue" — Cité Pierre Semard, Blanc-Mesnil, Seine-Saint-Denis, Île-de-France. Photo: Nolwenn Auneau / Topophile


Iwona Buczkowska

Jane Drew Prize

Polish-French architect Iwona Buczkowska has been awarded the Jane Drew Prize for Architecture 2024, recognising an architectural designer who has raised the profile of women in architecture. Founding her practice Atelier Iwona Buczkowska in 1980, Buczkowska has completed several radical social housing projects and public buildings in France. Buczkowska designed the largest timber housing complex in France, the Cité Pierre Sémard – a social housing project of 225 units completed in the early '90s in Seine-Saint-Denis. Rejecting standardisation, she prefers arcs and oblique planes to create intimate and brightly lit homes. Also awarded, political activist, philosopher and writer Angela Davis is the winner of the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize for Contribution to Architecture 2024.

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Image: © Monade, Mustapha Azeroual, 2021.


Mustapha Azeroual and Marjolaine Lévy


Artist Mustapha Azeroual and curator Marjolaine Lévy are the winning duo of the third edition of BMW ART MAKERS. They were chosen by the jury for their projectThe Green Ray, which will be presented at the Rencontres d’Arles and Paris Photo. The Green Ray addresses the poetics of light and makes the invisible visible. Mustapha Azeroual will experiment with photographing the sun in the open sea, a setting he has never explored before. To keep travel to a minimum, the duo will be creating a community of sailors, scientists and artists. Each group will have a precise photographic protocol to follow. The Green Ray seeks to demonstrate that another form of abstraction is possible, evoking the questions and issues of our society, as the colour of the sky fluctuates in specific response to human activity.


2024 WMF/Knoll Modernism Prize

Image: Amancio Williams, Casa sobre el Arroyo, Argentina. Restoration by the Ministerios de Cultura y de Obras Públicas de Argentina y Municipalidad de Mar del Plata. Courtesy of WMF/Knoll Modernism Prize


Casa sobre el Arroyo

WMF/Knoll Modernism Prize

The World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize 2024 has been awarded to the Ministerios de Cultura y de Obras Públicas y Municipalidad de Mar del Plata, for its restoration of Argentina’s Casa sobre el Arroyo (the House on the Stream). The honoured body carried out works on the historic piece of modernist architecture, which were critical in sensitively preserving the residence, designed in 1943 in playful brutalist architecture spanning across a creek. Casa sobre el Arroyo was the former home of famed musician and composer Alberto Williams. The design was conceived by Alberto’s son, Amancio Williams, and Delfina Galvez Bunge de Williams, Amancio’s wife.

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2023 Richard Mille Art Prize

Image: Nabla Yahya, SoftBank, 2023. Courtesy of Richard Mille Art Prize


Nabla Yahya

Richard Mille Art Prize

Nabla Yahya has been awarded the 2023 Richard Mille Art Prize. Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates to Indian parents, Dubai-based artist Nabla Yahya is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in interstitial, threshold moments and ways of being. Working on this year’s theme ‘Transparencies’, she won over the jury with SoftBank (2023), an installation comprised of three components, which together seek to interrogate the obscure and obfuscated histories pertaining to the initial construction of the Suez Canal (1859-1869).

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