Bérangère Fromont

Eyes on Talents member, Bérangère Fromont, is taking part in the PhotoSaintGermain festival. From 9 to 12 November, the artist will occupy a room at the Hôtel La Louisiane in Paris, a place that has built its identity on welcoming writers and artists. In keeping with the hotel's history, Bérangère Fromont will be exhibiting her work L'amour seul brisera nos coeurs, a project born of a desire to fill the gaps in the representations of lesbians and to reclaim their stories and their intimacy, as well as their place in the public arena and in the history of art. Using photography as both a means of revelation and archiving, the work speaks of love and revolution. "In this hotel, I imagine a different kind of welcome, discreet and benevolent. For the couples photographed, who have not always been so lucky in their lives, the room becomes a space where they are looked at with gentleness and attention.", explains Bérangère Fromont.
Born in 1975, Bérangère Fromont lives and works in Paris. The artist is also taking part in the Insomnie exhibition presented by POUSH until 2 December.