Turner Prize 2023
Nominated Artists

Image: Jesse Darling, No Medals No Ribbons, installation view at Modern Art Oxford, 2022. Photo by Ben Westoby. © Modern Art Oxford.


Jesse Darling

Nominated for the Turner Prize

Jesse Darling was nominated for his solo exhibitions No Medals, No Ribbons at Modern Art Oxford and Enclosures at Camden Art Centre. Darling’s work encompasses sculptures and installations which evoke the vulnerability of the human body and the precariousness of power structures. The jury was struck by Darling’s ability to manipulate materials in ways that skillfully express the messy reality of life. They felt that these exhibitions revealed the breadth and integrity of Darling’s practice, exposing the world’s underlying fragility and refusing to make oneself appear legible and functioning to others.

Image: Ghislaine Leung, Fountains, Installation View at Simian, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023. Courtesy the artist and Simian, Copenhagen; and Maxwell Graham, New York; and Cabinet, London. Photo credit GRAYSC


Ghislaine Leung

Nominated for the Turner Prize

Ghislaine Leung was nominated for her solo exhibition Fountains at Simian, Copenhagen. Leung’s work takes the form of ‘scores’ – sets of instructions which test the boundaries of the gallery space. Baby monitors, child safety gates, inflatable structures, toys, and water fountains are used to turn the exhibition structure on its head, asking questions about time, leisure, and labour. The jury particularly commended the warm, humorous, and transcendental qualities that lay behind the sleek aesthetic and conceptual nature of Leung’s work, as well as her commitment to challenging the way art is produced and circulated.

Image: Rory Pilgrim, RAFTS, 2022, HD Video (1:06:55), Serpentine Gallery. Photograph by George Darrell. Courtesy andriesse eyck galerie


Rory Pilgrim

Nominated for the Turner Prize

Rory Pilgrim was nominated for the commission RAFTS at Serpentine and Barking Town Hall, and a live performance of the work at Cadogan Hall, London. Pilgrim’s work interweaves stories, poems, music and film, created in collaboration with local communities in the borough of Barking and Dagenham, to reflect on times of change and struggle during the pandemic. The jury praised the project as a standout example of social practice. They felt that Pilgrim’s beautiful and affecting musical arrangements gave light to their collaborators’ voices and that the confidence and vulnerability of the performance reflected the strength of the relationship between artist and community.

Image: Barbara Walker, Burden of Proof, 2022. Installation view: Sharjah Biennial 15, Old Diwan Al Amiri, 2023. Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation with the support of The Whitworth, The University of Manchester. Photograph: Danko Stjepanovic.


Barbara Walker

Nominated for the Turner Prize

Barbara Walker was nominated for her presentation entitled Burden of Proof at Sharjah Biennial 15. With a practice that interrogates past and present issues of racial identity, exclusion and power, Walker’s presentation explores the impact of the Windrush scandal, underlaying figurative drawn portraits with facsimiles of the documentation these individuals had to produce to prove their right to remain. The jury applauded Walker’s ability to use portraits of monumental scale to tell stories of a similarly monumental nature, whilst maintaining a profound tenderness and intimacy across the full scope of her work.

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RIBA Royal Gold Medal 2023

Image: Zero Carbon Cultural Centre (ZC3), Makli, Sindh–2017 © Heritage Foundation of Pakistan


Yasmeen Lari

RIBA Royal Gold Medal

Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari has been awarded the RIBA Royal Gold Medal 2023. Yasmeen is known as an 'Architect for the Poorest of the Poor', a champion of women's rights and a proponent of zero carbon footprint. She is Pakistan's first female architect and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan. Her namesake architectural firm designed some of the most iconic projects in the country until Lari retired in 2000 to focus on heritage conservation and humanitarian architecture.

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Prix Carta Bianca 2023

Image: Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière, sans titre, ML-V-18-1227, 2018, 185 cm x 295 cm.


Evi Keller

Premier Prix

Evi Keller was born in 1968 in Bad Kissingen, Germany, has lived in France for over twenty years and works in Paris. Matière-Lumière is the unique title that Evi Keller gives to all of her creations over the past twenty years. She seeks to make us aware of the incredible strength that light offers us to activate a process of transformation, acceptance, repair, possible healing. The experience of true light is always linked to the previous experience of darkness. It is only by enduring, by accepting the darkness that man can find the light which can integrate the darkness.

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2023–24 Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships

Image: Dread Scott, What Is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag?, 1988. Photo : Courtesy Dread Scott


Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships

The American Academy in Rome has announced the winners of the 2023–24 Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships. This year, the Rome Prize was awarded to 36 American artists and scholars in 11 disciplines. In architecture the recipients are César A. Lopez and Ajay Manthripragada. David Weeks and Elizabeth Whelan are the recipients in design. The winning artists in visual arts are Kamrooz Aram, Nao Bustamante, Mike Cloud, Zachary Fabri, Jeanine Oleson, Estefania Puerta Grisales and Dread Scott.

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Fuorisalone Award 2023

Image: Beyond the Surface, exhibition designed by Ellen van Loon and Giulio Margheri for SolidNature, Milan, 2023.


SolidNature - Beyond the Surface

Fuorisalone Award

From the 20 most memorable installations or events of the 2023 edition, selected by the editorial staff of fuorisalone.it, people voted for their favourites and titled Beyond the Surface by SolidNature as the winner of the Fuorisalone Award 2023. Celebrating its second year in Milan, Natural Stone brand SolidNature presented its first solo show as an immersive dreamscape. Designed by Ellen Van Loon and Giulio Margheri of OMA, the installation drew a parallel between the formation and quarrying of stone and the process of dreaming.

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Packing Room Prize 2023

Image: Andrea Huelin, Clown jewels, oil on board, 120.2 x 120.1 cm.


Andrea Huelin

Packing Room Prize

The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) announced Andrea Huelin the winner of the Packing Room Prize 2023 for her portrait of New Zealand-born comedian Cal Wilson. The painting is one of 57 finalists for this year's Archibald Prize, Australia's preeminent prize for portraiture. Huelin was inspired to paint Wilson after seeing her model headpieces she crafted over lockdown on Instagram. "Her brilliant homemade headpieces on her makeshift stage made me laugh out loud," Huelin said. "I'm thrilled that something so frivolous has been immortalised with such grandeur and skill," Wilson added. "Who says social media is all bad?"

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