Emmanuelle Simon

Eyes on Talents member, Emmanuelle Simon's project, Appartement Commandant, was a global architectural intervention. Located in Paris, Emmanuelle Simon envisioned the apartment as a serene temple with common spaces and more private spaces that revolve around an inner cloister that gives a feeling of travel. Simon designed arches to magnify the high ceilings and turned to natural materials such as brushed oak, travertine and vegetable fibers. To magnify the light and volumes and complement the wood, she chose a natural colour palette with a crisp white, soft beiges and sandy hues. Some of her designs have been included alongside vintage creations by Pierre Paulin, Jean Touret, as well as artworks by painters and ceramists she loves.
French-Israeli interior architect and designer Emmanuelle Simon, applies a global vision to her projects, from the architecture to individual objects. In her aesthetic approach, the raw nature of the materials breathes a note of authenticity into the carefully-designed lines of the architecture.