Chiron Duong

Eyes on Talents member, Vietnamese photographer Chiron Duong, portrays the many shades of Áo Dài, a traditional dress of his country, in his latest series. It was the questions asked by many foreign friends about Áo Dài that led Chiron Duong to start Portraits of Áo Dài (Hope for Peace And Love), 365 images portraying the traditional Vietnamese costume. "Áo Dài evokes, rustic, simple, seductive Vietnamese women and contains many memories. Through many changes of society and times, the Áo Dài has always been a beautiful symbol of the national culture, the pride of Vietnamese people.", he explains. Capturing non-professional models, mainly his friends, mother and grandmother, the series became an opportunity for the photographer to appreciate and show his gratitude towards his Vietnamese origin by bridging the gap between tradition and the modern world.
Born in 1996, Chiron Duong graduated in landscape architecture before turning to fashion and fine art photography with a desire to represent Vietnamese and Asian culture.