2023 Wolfgang Hahn Prize

Image: Exhibition view: Francis Alÿs, The Nature of the Game (2022). Belgium Pavilion, The 59th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia (23 April–27 November 2022).
Courtesy © Francis Alÿs. Courtesy Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Jan Mot and David Zwirner Gallery.
Photo: Roberto Ruiz.


Francis Alÿs

Wolfgang Hahn Prize

Mexico City–based artist Francis Alÿs will receive the 2023 Museum Ludwig’s Wolfgang Hahn Prize. Alÿs’s Venice Biennale Belgian Pavilion was among the most widely praised in the exhibition. Titled The Nature of the Game the pavilion featured a number of videos of children in various nations playing together. Calling the videos shown at the Belgian Pavilion "glorious," the Guardian critic Laura Cumming praised Alÿs for his ability to spotlight happiness in a world inundated with war and poverty. Alÿs’s other well-known works have focused on representations of conflict, life inside refugee camps, and the difficulties posed by borders for the people who live near them.

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Visa pour l’Image 2022

Image: Image from Mads Nissen's report on the war in Ukraine for the Danish newspaper Politiken.
© Mads Nissen / Politiken


Politiken (Danemark) Mads Nissen

Visa d’or de la Presse Quotidienne

The Visa d’or de la Presse Quotidienne, sponsored by Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole, was awarded to the Danish newspaper Politiken for Mads Nissen's report on the war in Ukraine. Pictured is an image from his report. In the caption, Yevgeni is farewelling his wife Oksana and children Any and Illa at the railway station in Lviv. While they travel west, Yevgeni will travel east to fight.

Image: Photos © Fabiola Ferrero for Fondation Carmignac


Fabiola Ferrero

Prix Carmignac du photojournalisme

Fabiola Ferrero is the laureate of the 12th edition of the Prix Carmignac du photojournalisme. With the support of the Fondation Carmignac, Fabiola documented the disappearance of the Venezuelan middle class. A once prosperous democracy in the 1960s-1970s, Venezuela is struggling to extricate itself from a deep political and economic crisis that has widened the inequality gap and destroyed the middle class. Using a variety of mediums, Fabiola chronicles this vanished financial success and contrasts it with the Venezuela of today.

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Image: Lucia Tallová, Second Archive. Wood, book page, acrylic and ink on paper.


Lucia Tallová

Nice(He)art Prize

The Art-o-rama contemporary art fair in Marseille, whose 2022 edition closed its doors last Sunday, presented its prizes. Inaugurated this year, the winner of the Nice(He)art Prize is Lucia Tallová from the Tomas Umrian gallery. The artist has been selected for the Biennale de Lyon, which will be held from September 4 to December 31. Created by Francisca Viudes, The (He)art for (He)art Program, will allow Lucia Tallová to integrate a residence of six to eight weeks in Nice in 2023 and to benefit in this context from support for the production of new works for exhibitions. The prize is supported by the Marval Collection from Milano and Berlin, which is also co-jury of the prize.

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2023 Villa Romana Prize

Image: Diana Ejaita for The Washington Post, 2021.


Samuel Kortey Baah

Diana Ejaita

Jessica Ekomane

Pınar Öğrenci

Villa Romana Prize

The four laureates of the 2023 Villa Romana Prize are Samuel Kortey Baah, Diana Ejaita, Jessica Ekomane and Pınar Öğrenci. With artistic investigations grounded in an understanding of art "in the expanded field," the jurors have privileged practices focusing on sound as a space for knowledge production and transformation (Jessica Ekomane), on illustration, textile, and fashion design as a way to tell stories as a child of the diaspora (Diana Ejaita), on filmmaking and the intersected possibility of developing strategies of radical conviviality to reflect on forms of displacement and repair (Pınar Öğrenci), and on decolonial processes of the decanonisation of Western iconography (Samuel Kortey Baah).

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Female in Focus 2022

Image: Lina Geoushy, Public Transport (Bus), from the series
Shame Less: A Protest Against Sexual Violence.


Lina Geoushy

Valentina Fusco

Series Winners

An international photography award from British Journal of Photography and 1854, Female in Focus was established to demonstrate the sheer power of photography by women. The series winners are Egyptian photographer Lina Geoushy, whose project Shame Less: A Protest Against Sexual Violence, is a response to the universal prevalence of sexual violence against women, and Genoa-based photographer Valentina Fusco, with her series eMovere. Growing up in Genoa, Fusco moved to Buenos Aires in 2019. Her series originated in 2020 during Argentina's lockdown, a time when she was unable to return home for several months. These feelings of disorientation and detachment made her want to find ways to connect with her homeland, beginning to see photographs as portals of connection.

Image: Minxu Li, Dreamscape.


Single Image Winner

This year’s 20 single image winners take us across the world and into the heart of an array of human experiences. For some artists climate narratives take centre stage, including Tania Malkin, who presents an aerial image taken from a helicopter at 2500 feet over floodplains in the north of Australia, and Susan Richman whose winning memento mori style photograph highlights the alarming decrease of wildlife populations. Kristina Varaksina and Anna Neubauer both turn their lenses to people living with albinism, while Jennifer Blau photographs a 90-year-old woman developing dementia. Minxu Li looks to visualise the ineffable, with a surreal image entitled Dreamscape.

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