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My name is Charlotte Buttriss, I am a recent Interior Design graduate from Falmouth University and I have always had a strong interest in the fashion industry as a creative individual. I am a conscious designer, and I believe design is an experience: created through identity and the importance of pe


ople, community and place. For my final project at university, I took the opportunity to use my love for fashion as the focus of my project. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating this project, including my initial research and critical report which have supported my creative ideas. My motivation as a designer is my commitment to sustainable thinking and inclusivity. The Fashion Values Challenge is an inspiring opportunity to express my values as a designer and highlight my work which challenges the norms of the fashion industry and redefines the future of fashion.

My project is an interior design proposal that reimagines the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station as a space for fashion design and production - an expansion of The Fashion District, a fashion network in the heart of East London. Atelier F is a series of functional and interactive spaces designed to promote the education of traditional methods of craft and modern systems in the fashion industry. This project is influenced by a variety of people and case studies that celebrate the art of storytelling and visual identity; including Coperni at Paris Fashion Week, Virgil Abloh, The Lab E20 and The New Craftsmen.

The ground floor of the building is designed to promote fashion sustainability and communication by using modular systems and community spaces. The Equipment Studio is a series of production workstations available to hire for creative workshops and developing fashion businesses - where fashion equipment and materials can be exchanged or shared. Adjacent is the Workshop Cafe, a social and adaptable space integrating work and leisure: the space encourages networking and the opportunity to develop new creative skills.

The lower ground floor of the building is designed to engage designers with models, artisans and fashion enthusiasts in the creative process of fashion conceptualisation and sample development. The Demonstration Floor is the focus of this part of the building and the interior architecture. The concept deconstructs the conventional runway - fashion designers have the opportunity to share their identity as a brand, and how they work as a fashion practice, celebrating the development of their new collections, samples and campaigns. This space encourages interactive learning, and cross-cultural collaboration through the exchanging of ideas and fashion techniques with a supporting audience. The Creators Table is a space for spontaneous creativity - designers can quick sketch, develop fabric samples and bring their design ideas to life. The Archives Display is used to exhibit the beautiful work created by fashion designers and celebrate the creative value of fashion production. It is the transition space between the demonstration floor and the preparation room. The Preparation Room functions as a secluded backstage space for models to interact and prepare for their debut. There are spacious, private changing rooms provided to promote inclusivity and accessibility.

This project is designed for industry professionals, but more importantly for the wider fashion community. It is a cultural hub inspired by the rich fashion history and industrial heritage of East London. The project focus is conscious design, by emphasising consumer-driven engagement and inclusivity in the creative process of fashion production. The variety of spaces encourage participation and collaboration, in order to promote sustainable development in the industry and honest representation of ideas and identities in fashion. The Fashion District as the network to support businesses, technology and education in the project, creates a platform to continue to grow local fashion communities in East London. The feasibility of my project proposes the opportunity to transform more existing spaces across the country in places such as Bristol, Manchester or Cardiff into fashion production communities.

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Architecture, Interior Design & Decoration

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