Creative Web developer and Designer portfolio.

- Role:
Front-end developer, Web animations and Designer (UI-UX design, Graphic design, Illustrations).

- Type:
Web developer and Designer portfolio.

Freelance Web Developer specializing in UI-UX Design and web animations,
I worked on this project o


n all the visual parts, as well as the complete development of the website.

🧑‍💻 - Code:

CSS layout and animations, SVG, Javascript interactions, Responsive design, Web performance optimization, Search engine optimization (Seo), Cross-browser compatibility.

✏️ - Design:

UI design, motion and interactions, illustrations, visual design, graphic design, custom icons, typography, color scheme, UX design, wireframe mock-up, prototype, user journey.

🧰 - Languages and tools: Html • Css • Sass • Svg• Javascript • Webpack • Illustrator

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Freelance Web developer and Designer.

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