Natalie Liu
Art Director & 3D Artist
Natalie Liu
Art Director & 3D Artist
London, Royaume-Uni
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
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Natalie Liu is a Swedish born and raised Hyper Island Alumni (2017). She is a freelance Director and 3D Artist with 6 years of experience working within the 3D design industry.

Liu is an award winning designer, being selected by global talents into Young guns finalists 2022. She has previously work


ed at the production studios FIELD.IO, TRAUM.INC, FLUENT studio and with brands such as Chanel, Patek Phillipe, Estee Lauder, KENZO, Nike, Adidas, Apple, CGTN and more.

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Art Director & Senior Designer
Builders Club juin. 2019 - mai. 2023
London, Royaume-Uni

Leading 3D design teams and hands-on designing on projects for clients such as Chanel, Patek Philippe, Estee Lauder, Nike, Adidas, Samsung

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Young Guns
London, Royaume-Uni
3D Designer And Animator
FLUENT STUDIO avr.. 2017 - mai. 2019
London, Royaume-Uni

Worked on projects for clients such as Dove, Clarks, Huawei, T-Mobile, Twitter, Withers, BX Film.

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Junior Designer
TRAUM INC août. 2017 - mar.. 2018
London, Royaume-Uni

Worked with clients such as KENZO, Let It Grow, Future Fossil, Christopher Raeburn, Formula 1.

FIELD.IO mar.. 2017 - juin. 2017
London, Royaume-Uni

Landed an internship at Field.IO during my studies at Hyper Island in Stockholm. Worked on a 3 months long interactive project for Samsung.

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Motion Creative
Hyper Island 2016 - 2017
Stockholm, Suède

A 7 month motion creative course plus a 3 month internship period.

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Sit back, relax, be amazed and slightly grossed out by these TikTok idents

I was invited by It's Nice that to partake in a collaboration with Tiktok, interpreting the emotion confusion and creating a digital art piece that was advertised on their platform.

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Natalie Liu creates a digital landscape of ever-blooming flowers in Ajna

The release of a music video revolving around a hyperreal 3D design of the graphic motif of the lotus – the symbolic representation of the Hindu concept of Ājñā.

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