Christine Mooijer
Christine Mooijer
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
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I’m Christine Mooijer, an Amsterdam based photographer focused on (staged) portrait photography. Since I got my Bachelor of Arts in 2018, I’ve been making cinematically styled images with dark undertones and a little touch of golden hope.

I have been influenced by Hollywood and pop culture, which is


a big part of my imagery. I have always been drawn to TV shows and movies and entertainment, especially stories built around female leads. I bring some of the Hollywood spirit into my art, without losing sight of my Dutch roots. My photography shows a combination of these two very different worlds. The stories are fictional, but they are honest.

I’m determined to bring a little bit of Hollywood to the Netherlands, and vice versa.

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Bachelor of Arts: Applied Photography
Fotovakschool Amsterdam août. 2014 - juil.. 2018
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
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Graphic Design
Mediacollege Amsterdam août. 2009 - juil.. 2013
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
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