This project is named "Fresh Out of Oddity", made during the lockdown in 2020.
The struggle of each student graduating in 2020 can be seen through their collection.
My collection was thought through before the pandemic, realised during it and has impacts after it socially, after the raise in data fo


r domestic and sexual violence.
It is for the women/lgbtq who have reached to success or want to reach there despite the struggle and loss of opportunity (especially for them), during the pandemic just because of how they are judged based on their sex or their sexual orientation .

This collection is season-less with mix of subtle and fluid fabrics and structured trench and costume for the confident look.

The motifs designed are not subtle, intended to raise an eye and awareness. To normalise the taboos against sex in this post-pandemic era.

Due to the much needed rest during the pandemic, the intended market also had the time to reflect and want to contribute towards the upliftment of society through their style-statement.

The emerging designers in the post-pandemic era are also environmentally conscious and believe in "circular fashion" and increasing the end of life of a product, thus this collection was well thought for the future designs it can propose and is 100% with natural fabrics.

My vision for the future is to make the future brighter for all. Fashion has the power to change the world. It can make the world happy through it, liberate women like me and can put the spotlight on the issues to help make lives better and the earth more alive.
This collection is the first of many such issues and the next collection in process is "Politically Sexy".

It is time for us to talk about the elephant in the room and become more tolerant in life.

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Prints, Womenswear, Ethical Fashion Initiative, Pattern cutting, Design Inclusif




Silk, Wool, Jewellery, Kohlapuri sandals, Bidri Handicraft