I don’t read and comprehend quite like others.

My eye sees a number and my mind reads it as a letter. I confuse letters for numbers; sometimes go left when my mind says right, and go right when its left.
it’s a continuous confusion in my mind.

My mind never comes to a stop.

Besides my unusual inte


rpretations, my mind is always wandering. Sometimes, when I’m outdoors and the strong wind hits my face it gets me thinking about the prickling nature of nails or I can imagine the feeling of floating underwater without any control over gravity. Like this, my mind is constantly collaging objects with words, mixing letters with numbers, color with textures and more.

Growing up, my fondest memories include spending Sunday afternoons with my abuela (grandmother) and her friends watching them play Lotería in the family room. A Sunday ritual of theirs that I was immediately drawn to with their bright colored cards and fun visuals, numbers and letters. A perfect combinations of elements that allowed me to understand without letting my mind wander off.

My collection, ‘LOTERIA’ explores the relation between how I see things and how my brain interprets them. Using the Lotería cards as my inspiration, I’ve designed garments that respond to the cards by focusing on what I consider their most dominant characteristic. Using my learning disability as a tool, I have created this collection to showcase how I respond to objects, colors while also reflecting my Mexican background, style and design process.

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Prints, Textiles, Womenswear, Embellishment, Women's




Silk, Wool, Crystals, Sequins

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