Sabiha Alganer
Textile and Fashion Designer
Sabiha Alganer
Textile and Fashion Designer
Milano, Italie
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
32 ans
Représenté par
Istituto Marangoni Milano
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Creative design professional offering 4 years of experience, bachelor degree and master degree in fashion design and apparel production. Multi-awarded in fashion and fabric design competitions in global level. Excellent ability for hand drawings and identify target markets and deliver on emerging tre


nds with presentation skill. Knowledgeable and experienced about virtual fashion (Metaverse Platforms) Web3 and NFT Projects.

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Fashion Designer & Creative Consultant
Fiverr juil.. 1, 2019 - jan.. 7, 2022
Milano, Italie

-Leading on visual creative ideas and working with other members of the team to produce original content ideas. -Create brand vision and design efforts in order to build and maintain a strong brand identity/image
-Research, prepare and present seasonal trend and mood boards.

Master Degree
Istituto Marangoni oct.. 1, 2019 - nov.. 30, 2020
Milano, Italie

Master in Fashion Design Womenswear

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International Lineapelle Leather Contest
Milano, Italie
Design Week Turkey nov.. 2017 - nov.. 2019
Istanbul, Turquie

Awarded Designs were exhibited during the organisation in 2017, 2018, 2019

Junior Fashion Designer
Lugvonsiga fév.. 20, 2019 - juin. 30, 2019
Istanbul, Turquie

Creating and developing original initial design ideas, concepts, embroideries, fabrications, seasonal themes and ideas - Freehand and digital (Illustrator) technical illustrations with technical specifications for production Teckpack,
- Work closely with product management and pattern make


rs, - Rendering of digital (Photoshop) and freehand illustration, - Study and creation of digital prints and embroideries,
- Developing innovative and original designs and concepts, techniques, applications and ideas, - Seasonal trend research through web, stores, private archives, vintage markets,
- Creation of seasonal mood boards focusing on the newest trends,
- Communication with suppliers for the production.

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Textile Products Consultant
Ekol’s Group Investment Company nov.. 5, 2015 - jan.. 1, 2019
Istanbul, Turquie

- Textile Concept Designer and Responsible for Procurement Products (for Textile)
- Travelling for textile garments research (Milano Unica, Lineapelle, Premier Vision Paris, Heimtextile Frankfurt, IDEX Abu Dhabi, EuroShop Düsseldorf)
- Interior textile (fabric) design,
- Communication with suppliers


for the production.
- Management of the product price for related tender project.
- Attending GLA meeting/organizations in Hong Kong and Washington DC.

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Bachelor Degree on Textile and Fashion Design
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University oct.. 15, 2011 - déc.. 28, 2018
Istanbul, Turquie

Textile and Fashion Design Department consists of; Weaving Design,Printing Design and Fashion Design Art Divisions.The department`s goal is to train designers who are capable of producing contemporary creative and genuine designs; who can evaluate innovator ideas and equipped with the basic productio


n knowledge.

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Junioshow International 3. Young Designers Competitons
İstanbul, Türkiye, Turquie

Knitwear Babywear Collection

ITKIB 12. International Fabric Design Competition
Istanbul, Turquie

International Fabric Design Competition awarded with educational scholarship 2 year with living expenses and 10.000 euro

Conceptual Art Discussion
Definition of Art Group nov.. 5, 2013 - juin. 13, 2017
İstanbul, Türkiye, Turquie

- 2013-2017 Every week during the year attended the conceptual art work held in STTM/Istanbul.
The discussion of the texts of ;

Alan Musgrave from Common Sense, Science and Scepticism and recitation of logic in installation.
Immanuel Kant from Prolegomena and recitation of logic in installation.


Ludwig Wittgenstein from Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and recitation of logic in installation.
Aristotle from Metaphysics and recitation of logic in installation”

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2nd Prize
UIB 7. Turkish Home Textile Design Competition
Bursa , Turquie

Designed Curtain System that can move horizontally and vertically and fabric design.

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Print Design

clothes design

Fabric weaving


Menswear collection

Womenswear collection

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Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Clo 3D Fashion Design Software








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