The Ad Libitum AW17/18 collection finds inspiration in the landfill sites, the slums and the boarding schools of developing countries around the world.

The collection’s title (which roughly translates into “at one’s pleasure”) ironically expresses the designer’s critical view of the disastrous cons


equences of a throw-away society strongly influenced by the over consumption of short lived disposable materials, and aims to encourage a discussion on the importance of quality, craft and economic sustainability in contemporary society.

The collection’s structured coats and raincoats fully embody the spirit of the collection by presenting unique constructions and silhouettes that are strongly reminiscent of the improvised structures found in the poorest slums and the forced variety of materials often found in these makeshift constructions. Striking prints dignify, elevate and legitimize the aesthetics of otherwise poor quality construction materials such as corrugated metal and cheap wood, and are used throughout the collection to introduce a luxurious sensorial experience and a very distinctive seasonal look that complements the construction of dresses and trousers.

Throughout the collection carefully selected high quality PVC and rubber coated textiles at first glance resembling discarded plastic, are combined with luxury wool, cotton, viscose and leather to provide the wearer with a unique tactile and visual experience, and create the D’Angelo trademark juxtaposition between materials and surfaces.

The use of cotton, stiff oversized collars and cuffs and contrasting surfaces, are the stylistic influences that for the AW 17/18 finally take the Federico D’Angelo woman back to past imaginary boarding school days, infusing the collection with a sense of strictness and innocent playfulness.

Together with a color palette made of custom designed dark blue and green accompanied by a warm sensual rusty orange, all the above elements are concocted to create a collection that has a dramatic overtone, is feminine yet strict, and combines an element playfulness with the master tailoring and sharp silhouettes typical of Federico D’Angelo collections.

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Plastic, Denim, Leather, Wood

Projet suivant par Federico D'angelo