Initially used on boats during the transatlantic crossings, the sun lounger, also known as "transat", became these last few years an essential outdoor furniture which represents the good days spent outside during summer.

«Sun» is made of a stackable tubing frame which is powder coated. It combines


simple lines and quality materials to meets outdoor furniture’s expectations. As a main design improvement, I worked on a new rack mechanism that allows users to move the backrest up and down freely as an infinite loop without any intervention on the bar. Then, its generous proportions give a visual aspect of comfort, while its symmetrical construction allows a simple use and an easy change of the textile, extending its life cycle.

On show during the 2020 ECAL Diploma exhibition at ECAL/Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne from 29.10.2020 to 28.11.2020.

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