UX Strategist / Solution Developer
UX Strategist / Solution Developer
île-de-France, France
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
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As far back as I can remember, I have always been attracted to the world of design, architecture, new technologies or even astronomy. Eager for the great outdoors, travel and nature, I also aspire to the beauty of photographic art without forgetting my attachment to music as a means of escape.

As a


student at the Web School Factory (digital management school) I was able to deepen my ambitions and discover new notions by exploring the different frontiers.

I am more and more passionate about human psychology and love to get lost in the meanders of cognitive design. It is naturally that I specialize in the development of strategy and innovation subjects through design thinking.

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UX strategist & solution developer.
Capgemini 2019 - 2020
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Capgemini is the French leader in digital consulting and services. Belonging to the Portfolio Group my mission is to think and design the new offers of tomorrow. This task consists in making ideas or concepts alive and accessible.

M2 in digital management
La Web School Factory 2016 - 2020
Paris, France
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Week-end Chalenge
Paris, France

A WEC (Week-end challenge) is a Hackathon where several teams of 5 to 6 people compete for 36 hours around the same problem proposed by a client.

In charge of design & support for communication
Homunity 2018 - 2018
Paris, France

Homunity is a real estate crowdfunding startup that aims to overturn the already well-established codes of building construction. During this internship I was able to deepen my skills in design and management, but also to use my knowledge and open myself to digital consulting.

Formation in Marketing Management
keimyung University 2018 - 2018
Daegu, Corée, République de
UX/UI design & developer
Bubble Blue Agency 2017 - 2017
Paris, France

The BBA agency is a small structure that promotes flexibility and a personalized accompaniment for each client. I was able to learn more by having more freedom but also by having new responsibilities.

Digital project manager assitant
Gaya Manufacture digital 2016 - 2016
Paris, France

I really discovered the digital world during this internship. Composed of about thirty employees, the Gaya agency covers various expertise in technique, design but also in project management where I was able to support and help project managers.

Baccalaureat Economic and Social section
Saint martin de France 2013 - 2015
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Design thinking

Atomic Design


User Experience

User interviews

User test

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Sketchup Pro



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Ethnography - Social relations in an arcade

We focused on social relations and interactions in places dedicated to video games in order to better understand how to approach an activity that is now becoming intergenerational...

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Intergenerational gap

I always wondered why my parents couldn't read, write, use their smartphone, their tablet and even in some circumstances their 27-inch computer. From this daily astonishment, which has become an annoyance, I am increasingly interested in intergenerational relations. Design, by its nature, must be abl


e to do something, but what about it? What is the place of design in this story?

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