Future Tailoring:

Razor Sharp, Sleek and Structured.

‘Future Tailoring’ is the term that I use to describe my process; an approach that is shaped and defined by the unlikely combination of traditional tailoring techniques with ultrasonic welding and taping technology.

I developed these innovative


techniques while studying at the Royal College of Art in London, allowing me to create a series of collapsible outwear pieces, constructed entirely without sewing.

Drawing inspiration from single-use products such as the collapsible hoover bag, my process considers the beauty and engineering in the banal, in a dialogue that considers material values and consumer behaviour in an era of disposability.

In place of the top-stitch, the sink-stitch or the cover-stitch my work is sealed with clean lines and graphic zig-zag edges borrowed from packaging. This application of future-facing technology creates an aesthetic signature that is distinctively modern and instantly identifiable.

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