"Water to water" is a project thought to avoid bad's swimming conditions on Gaillouneys beach, close to the Bassin d'Arcachon. The architecture is made of 4 areas : a swimming pond, a solarium, an oyster bar and a shower space.

The rising tide has the most important role in this project in overwhelm


ing all spaces at every swing.

The swimming pond, submerged in 80 centimeters, is cleaned thanks to the rising tide. So, holiday-makers can enjoy their sea bath in safe conditions on this famous beach well known for its dangerous waves full of stones.

Close to the pond, the solarium makes a second floating beach, from where parents can watch their kids. The deckchair was designed for the project.

The oyster bar is arranged by the oyster farmers themselves according their stocks. The bar is made of battens and "ostreiculture" bags, the space is only made up of the tables. This gives the opportunity to holiday-makers to taste oysters, feet in the water.

The shower space, accessible both from the beach or from the architecture is upright, with piles used as shelves or seats.

By night, some portable lamps enlighten the spaces.

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