Using the history and tradition of the nation of Georgia to bring it into the modern era.

Project Brief by Landor: With the rise of alternative tourism, people are willing to step off the well travelled path and venture to more remote areas of the world. With this in mind, take a country or city


of your choice, which could be described as an ‘undesirable’ location.

Create a brand that draws experienced tourists to that location. Every place is unique in it’s own right, historical, cultural, spiritual. How do you distil what is unique and show the world that uniqueness to open a new revenue stream of visitors?

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décembre 2018


Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Visual Identity & Logo, Poster, App & Web Design, Catalogues & Lookbooks, Branding, Wallpaper, UI Design, Iconography, Brand Strategy


Travel & Tourism, Culture


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

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