Images for Rombaut's new collection of sustainable and gender-neutral heels. They were exhibited in Espace Niemeyer during a «die-in» performance, a non-violent protest against political inaction through the environmental crisis.


"The series of images by Romain Roucoules reflected on themes of


vanity, destruction and the beauty of nature, through hyper-real photography, leaving the viewer to determine what is real.

As news spread throughout August that the Amazon Rainforest was burning, ROMBAUT’s creative director and founder Mats Rombaut found himself disappointed with humanity. “Why are we focussing on the wrong things? We receive a constant flow of sponsored content to keep us consuming more while, on the other hand, we push and sell our personal brands on social media,” he says. “Meanwhile our home and our planet is dying mostly because of this ridiculous cycle.”"

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