Artificialisation du Terroir

For over 7000 years, man, then the winemaker and now the biologist, have been cultivating the vine and developing the territory.
The vine, anarchic in its wild state, is controlled in space and in its biological cycle. With «Artificialisation du Terroir» , I confront two notions: the terroir, a set o


f lands in a region considered the refuge of habits, traditions, tastes typically regional, with the process of artificialization through which man modifies the environment.
Nowadays , genetic research enables us to create more resistant, hybrid vines with many oenological properties. In parallel, the increasingly frequent use of drone dusters and have a direct impact on the daily activities of winegrowers, whose craft is undoubtedly one of the most traditional. Inspired by technological evolution, this series of images reveals the secret and futur challenges of winegrowing .

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Photography, Art, Technology, Culture

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